30th 2008
A Cautious Hooray for the Newly-Signed Innovation Schools Act

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It’s always a little scary when the legislature is in session making new laws that affect education. But one bill the governor signed yesterday gives a little hope for some real positive changes:

Bruce Randolph Middle School led the way and now all schools in Colorado will have the opportunity to become autonomous.

“A status quo approach is no longer working and in fact is hindering our ability to graduate our students with skills they need to succeed in a global economy,” said Colorado Senate President Peter Groff.

Wednesday morning, Gov. Bill Ritter was joined by staff members and students at Bruce Randolph during a bill signing that would allow schools to break free of a certain district to have more decision making power as it relates to students, staff, and budget.

National education reform writer Joe Williams took the opportunity to send “bigtime kudos” to Senator Groff for his leadership in bringing forward this bill – known as the Innovation Schools Act.

The bill certainly didn’t end up as strong as it could have, after being watered down by the teachers union. But it should be easier now for schools to break free from some of the red tape that keeps them tied up. Only time will tell just how much easier it will be. But Denise, the Colorado charter school lady, explains why the waivers made available through this new law can be so important to school success – success that will matter to kids like me.


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