14th 2008
High-Quality Education Options Help Bring Michelle Malkin to Colorado

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It’s Friday. I couldn’t resist the chance to play in the snow before it melted. And my friends in the Education Policy Center are all recovering from last night’s big Founders’ Night party (that nobody invited me to). So there’s not a lot of time to write.

But I did see this about the guest speaker Michelle Malkin:

Malkin said she felt liberated to have escaped the Beltway, having come West specifically for the educational opportunity available to her children.

Apparently, a major reason Michelle Malkin and her family were attracted to move to Colorado was the availability of high-quality education options. That was terrific news, and very true! While there is still plenty of room for improvement, Colorado does have a thriving charter school sector. Charter schools and all other education options can be found at our amazing School Choice for Kids website.


2 Responses to “High-Quality Education Options Help Bring Michelle Malkin to Colorado”

  1. Mary Renstrom on 20 Nov 2008 at 8:58 pm #

    Options, what options? This middle class mom is wondering where are these options? Most charters still have huge wait lists or impossible lotteries for admission. Some charter schools (including the one my children attend) are slowly morphing back into regular public schools–complete with a big dose of politically correct indoctrination in the curriculum and among classroom teachers. Some have even started taking federal education dollars. Homeschooling is enormously expensive and difficult and not a realistic financial option for most families. Finally, there are no affordable private high schools for the middle class anywhere in the metro area. I say it is time for real education reform — give me some of my tax dollars back in the form of a tax credit and let me make a real choice!

  2. Ben on 21 Nov 2008 at 10:47 am #

    Colorado has it better than many states, but you’re right: The hard work of providing high-quality education options to meet the needs of all Colorado parents continues. We have written about the issue of charter school waiting lists before.

    A very good way for this to happen is for more and more parents to speak out and get involved, and demand more choices. Here is one great way:

    Even though the political environment is challenging, also be assured the Independence Institute not only is celebrating the school choice options we have, but is helping to fight for more. shows not only the extent of choices available, but the boundaries to those choices.

    If I can be of further assistance in responding to your concerns, please contact me at

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