17th 2008
Thanks to Friedman, You Don’t Need to Be Afraid of Any School Choice Myths

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Over on Jay Greene’s blog, Dr. Greg Forster has a valuable update for those of us who want a handy place to go to answer all those objections to school choice:

…the Friedman Foundation has released a set of “myth buster” guides to the research on the six most common school choice myths. For each myth they’ve provided a brief, handy reference sheet and a slightly longer, more detailed guide to the research. Even the detailed version of each myth buster is still less technical than the other lists on my “meta-list” page, compiled by Jay and other scholars, but it does go over the most important technical issues (how do we distinguish the impact of vouchers from the impact of other factors like family influence?) and provides the references you’ll need to dig further if you wish.

Mythbusters, eh? I hear there was a movie made a long time before I was born. Seems it had this memorable song. I think we could rewrite some of the lyrics to fit the topic at hand:

If you’re stuck at school in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call? – Mythbusters!
If the unions say school choice is no good
Who you gonna call? – Mythbusters!…

Anyway, don’t forget to bookmark the page that can put all the facts at your fingertips. Whether you want the one-page summary, a detailed explanation, or even links to those boring full-length research studies, now you know where to go. I ain’t afraid of no myths!

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