31st 2009
Two Chances to Hear from Douglas County School Board Candidates

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It’s important for Colorado citizens to get involved in local school board elections. A lot of important policies and other decisions are set at the local level, so it’s good to make an informed choice and cast a vote!

If you live in Douglas County, you’ll want to know about two forums taking place where you can get to meet the school board candidates, ask them questions, and learn about where they stand on important issues like school choice, school accountability, performance pay, school financial transparency, and more. The first one, sponsored by the Douglas County Federation [local teachers union], is tonight from 7-8:30 PM at Chaparral High School.

If you miss that opportunity, I received an email from A Parent’s Voice founder Donnell Rosenberg alerting me to another forum coming up in September:

The charter school parent community is also hosting a forum on Thursday, September 17th at 7:00 in the Platte River Academy gymnasium at 4085 Lark Sparrow in Highlands Ranch (near the intersection of Colorado and University, just north of Whole Foods). I have sent flyers to the charter school administrators, asking them to distribute them to parents. I strongly encourage you to come and to invite your friends. I am very pleased to announce that the forum will be moderated by Theresa Marchetta, anchor, Channel 7 News in Denver. [links added]

That’s two chances, not just one. I hope Douglas County parents and other supporters of educational freedom, accountability, and effective reform show up to learn about the candidates and make their voices heard! (And if you know of similar events in other Colorado school districts, please send an email to ben -at-, so we can alert readers to that, as well.)


3 Responses to “Two Chances to Hear from Douglas County School Board Candidates”

  1. Mark Framer on 02 Oct 2009 at 1:09 pm #

    This coming election of the Douglas County board scares me. Its a great district. But, some of the challengers seem to be jumping in
    based on Republican Ideology rather then genuine care about kids
    and Education. At the last forum one of the challengers was asked about “No Child Left Behind” It seemed to not know about this important legislation. Republican’s lost big at the last national election.
    Now I feel like their trying to impose their ideology at the local level.
    I read this on a blog recently. Could be true and maybe not.
    “The last tidbit I have to report has to do with who could become the new superintendent of Douglas County School District Re.1. Once again, my reliable but anonymous sources say that if all four challengers win the election and take control of the school board, they plan on appointing former Congressman Bob Schaeffer to that post. That’s right. You heard it here first. Big Oil Bob.”

    “It’s no wonder that the teachers in Douglas County are nervous. With Big Oil Bob in charge, it won’t be long before biology teachers will be required to show “The Flintstones” movie as part of the curriculum on evolution. I hope that anybody living in Douglas County who reads this post will immediately start looking into their local school board election. Douglas County Schools right now need excellence, not ignorance.”

  2. Ben on 05 Oct 2009 at 10:14 am #

    “Could be true and maybe not” … I would lean heavily toward the latter. Does this rumor have any basis in fact? Given the bizarre hyperbole, it sounds like it was written more by a partisan politically-motivated opposition than someone primarily concerned about educational excellence.

  3. MIke Robinson on 15 Oct 2009 at 8:52 am #

    In a publicly held corporation, annual shareholders meetings are held where the shareholders vote for and select the corporate officers. If the corporation has entered into a union contract, it is still the shareholder, not the union boss, that selects the corporate officers.

    A school district such as the Douglas County School District is akin to a publicly held corporation. The shareholders in this case are the voting taxpayers of Douglas County. Only 38% of Douglas County taxpayers have children in our local public schools. If the school district has entered into a union contract, it is still the voting taxpayer, not the union boss, that selects the school board members.

    This is democracy in action. Hopefully all of the voting taxpayers will cast their ballot. Let the best person win.

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