17th 2010
iVoices: Superintendent Mike Miles on Real Teacher Performance Pay in Harrison

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When it comes to changing the way teachers are paid, many people have heard of Denver’s ProComp. My Education Policy Center friend Ben DeGrow wrote an issue paper (PDF) about that performance pay plan and others in Colorado.

But clearly, as far as the extent of innovation goes, Denver has nothing on El Paso County’s Harrison School District. To get a strong sense of why this is, I recommend you click the play button below (or follow this link) to listen to a brand new 17-minute iVoices podcast interview with Harrison Superintendent Mike Miles:

Not only a lot of thought, but also a lot of time and hard work went into Harrison’s “Effectiveness and Results” (E and R) pay program. E and R is set to transition during the upcoming year until all teachers and other licensed employees will be paid based on performance and achievement in 2011-12.

Best of luck to Harrison! I hope other school districts, officials and education leaders are paying attention and taking close, careful notes. The proof will be in the pudding, so let’s study the E and R program to see how successfully and efficiently it helps improve student learning.

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  1. Ed is Watching » First Major ProComp Evaluation Shows Positive Results for Compensation Reform on 02 Jun 2010 at 12:57 pm #

    [...] And, as he notes, the rest of the nation has a long way to go, too. Few have gone as far as Denver to improve how we pay our teachers, and almost nobody else is on the vanguard with the Harrison School District’s Effectiveness and Results program. [...]

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