27th 2010
Raising Concerns about Race to the Top and Move Toward National K-12 Standards

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I’ve written plenty about Colorado’s ongoing quest for Race to the Top federal education grant money. I’ve noted both the promise and the peril within this pursuit. But one issue I have yet to highlight is the Race to the Top requirement that states sign on to the Common Core Standards.

In a new iVoices podcast, Colorado State Board of Education member Peggy Littleton explains how the pull of federal money threatens to lead us down a path towards national testing and curriculum, undermining local control and in some cases watering down the quality of standards. Follow this link or click the play button below to listen:

I’m certainly not the first (or even close to the smartest, best-informed), and won’t be the last, to chime in on this subject. So to help get you up to speed, I’ve posted a few pertinent links below:


3 Responses to “Raising Concerns about Race to the Top and Move Toward National K-12 Standards”

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