12th 2010
Is This What Waiting for Superman Would Look Like If Made in Taiwan?

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It’s Friday. Time to lighten up with a 90-second summary of the new education reform movie Waiting for Superman produced by Taiwanese animators, a video you simply have to see to believe (H/T Jay Greene):

Michelle Rhee as a martial arts heroine with a “Reform” bandanna and a broom? My little heart is going pitter-patter….

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One Response to “Is This What Waiting for Superman Would Look Like If Made in Taiwan?”

  1. mazenko on 13 Nov 2010 at 1:07 pm #

    Of course, it’s far more complicated than a two-minute cartoon. In fact, it’s far more complicated than a two-hour movie. The problem, of course, is that the thesis is a mile wide and two inches deep.

    The problems have to be as much about ineffective administration granting tenure in the first place, as it is about unions who, in pursuing simple “due process” have overreached in the steps necessary for dismissal.

    And let’s not dismiss the dominance of teachers unions in the Asian and European schools of which we are so jealous when test scores come out. One of the keys in those systems is great competition and accountability on students.

    That said, after watching the movie, my gut reaction was simply, “Let them all go. Just move the money and hire more teachers. It could be that simple.”

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