8th 2010
Little Girl Tells Ms. Johnson, Colorado Teachers About Dec. 15 Refund Deadline

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It’s not often I get to tell you about a kid cuter than little ol’ me. But credit goes to Lynn Bartels at the Denver Post for noting the real star of this great video — a video which explains how the Colorado Education Association automatically collects funds from members “to help influence elections” and how they can get the money back if they ask:

You go, little girl! Tell Ms. Johnson about the Every Member Option refund. If she doesn’t like 99.9% of those dollars going to fund one political party or if she just doesn’t want her money spent on Colorado political campaigns, Ms. Johnson (and any other teacher in Colorado who belongs to the CEA) can:

But don’t delay. After December 15, it’s too late.

Yes, I’m still thankful Colorado teachers at least can request political refunds. But can’t it be done more politely by, you know, by asking first?


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