19th 2011
The Cartel Creator’s New Choice Media Site Fills Valuable School Reform Niche

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I’ve got a new, exciting addition to the blogroll to tell you about. Today marks the launch of Choice Media, described in its first official media release as “a non-profit news service devoted to covering all facets of K-12 education quality and reform.” It’s no amateur operation, either. A look at the website will tell you that.

Once you realize that the founder is Bob Bowdon, director of the 2010 movie The Cartel, then you sit up and take notice. Choice Media figures to introduce the message of school choice and education reform to some new audiences. Not only will they be featuring short video news pieces that I’ll be tuning in to, and a decent assortment of news aggregation, blog posts and Twitter feeds, a quick tour of the site also reveals some other interesting features:

Which makes me wonder if there’s a market out there for T-shirts of this blog… Nah! But I am excited and grateful to see Ed Is Watching included on Choice Media’s list of 18 education reform blogs. Jay Greene, Rick Hess, Joanne Jacobs… That’s some pretty special company to be included in, almost kind of overwhelming for a kid like me.

All that to say if you’re interested in education, choice and reform, you’d be foolish not to follow my lead and bookmark or subscribe to Choice Media as a regular stop on your Internet visits. With the ever-building momentum for more learning options and transforming the way we do education in this country, Bowdon’s site looks like it will fill a valuable niche. Of course, that also means you won’t forget little old me… right?


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  1. Meadow on 18 Oct 2011 at 6:17 am #

    Superior thinking deomsnttraed above. Thanks!

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