4th 2011
New AAE Member Survey Shows Again that Teacher Opinion Isn’t Monolithic

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Who knew it would be such a busy week? Before I head off to go play in the snow or jump in a pile of leaves or two — you never know with the weather here in Colorado — I thought you’d like to see the new results from the Association of American Educators nationwide survey of its member teachers on some important education issues of the day. I know you’re going to go look at it yourself, but here a few highlights to catch your interest:

  • 77% of survey respondents do not support increased federal spending on education at the expense of increased regulations in their respective states…
  • 78% of survey respondents agree with a law in Oklahoma that provides a tax credit to individuals and corporations that donate to organizations providing “Opportunity Scholarships.”…
  • 75% of teachers agree with a Utah law guaranteeing high school students access to online courses….
  • 85% of AAE members support Teach for America and its mission to place recent top-tier college graduates into high-need classrooms after intense training…
  • 78% of survey respondents assert that collective bargaining has little to no effect on their ability to teach effectively and just 28% of teachers believe collective bargaining equates to a better compensated workforce….

Now who said teacher opinion was monolithic? That’s why it’s a great thing teachers here in Colorado have membership options, including the union and including the AAE’s state chapter: the Professional Association of Colorado Educators. A great thought to take into a fun weekend!

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